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Gravity Outlaws
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Our Products

The little man versus the big man

Some of our products are hand-made by us.  Gravity Outlaws are committed to supporting local enterprises rather than multinational corporations or mass-imported goods.  Wherever possible, we try to ensure that any raw materials we utilise are also produced by local enterprises, but sadly it is not always possible to trace the true origins, so we cannot, hand on heart, give a 100% guarantee, but we do our very best to work under this ethos.  We are also an environmentally aware organisation, and try not to use excessive packaging for our products, or use manufacturing processes that are harmful to the environment.

All of our designs are produced in-house, and all of our printing is done by hand, in-house.  This means that we can also offer to produce one-off printed products at no extra cost, and can include personalisation on our existing designs.

Our current range of products includes:
Mugs; Beer Steins; Water Bottles; Coasters; Glass Cleaning Cloths; Pouches; Pouches; Cases; Bags; Wallets; Purses; Mousemats; Money Boxes; Soft Toys; Books; Bookmarks; Rulers; Jigsaws; Baby Bibs; Car Window Signs; Lighters; Luminaries; Badges; Magnets; Keyrings; Stickers; Towels; Tea Towels; Placemats; Serviettes; Ties; Tie Clips; Cufflinks; Scarves; Socks; T-shirts; and Desk Tidy Boxes.  There may be other products that we have forgotten to list here, but when we remember them, we will add them into the list!

Rest assured that no animals, small children, juggling props, onions or toy train sets have been harmed in the production of our goods or this website – although one Kendama did suffer a rather unfortunate mishap and has now retired from active service.  He is currently living out the rest of his days somewhere in our print studio…..

We are constantly working on expanding our range of designs, and developing new products.  We also offer a bespoke service.  So if you are looking for a special one-off gift, or want products for your local juggling club, convention or festival, why not contact us to discuss your requirements and ask for a quote.